Total Vietnam : interview of the HR and Communication VP

We have visited Total Vietnam on November 14th.

First, we met My-Hanh Nguyen, HR and Communication VP of Total Vietnam.

Here is a word from her about our Project.

My-Hanh presentedalso the Corporate Social Responsibility projects carried out by the affiliate.

‘The Corporate Social Responsibility projects carried out by Total Vietnam so far are diverse.

- Through sustainable business operations, Total contributes to social and economic development in Vietnam. Since 2003, Total has sponsored for various projects such as school construction and scholarships, biogas and installation of medical centers.

- 2011 was the year of the Safe Routes to School initiative, in association with Asia Injury Prevention Foundation ( Carried out in An Loi School it has had a total reach of 910 students and 44 teachers.

- In 2012 it is now time for the “Road Guardian” program to promote good behaviors related to road safety for all the drivers on the road.

Apart from these initiatives, the civil society in Vietnam is quite new to the sustainable development concern. Some communication has been done recently through TV programs. Let’s hope it will foster new ideas and new initiatives from all the Vietnamese !

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